Diet Tips – 10 Healthy Snacks

Hunger frequently strikes unexpectedly and between meals. Luckily, there are many healthy snacks loaded with nutrients that can satiate the most extreme hunger pangs.

1. Apples with almond butter – Out of most foods in the fruit category, apples have a relatively low sugar content making them ideal for a snack between meals. To add a bit of protein and taste, add a bit of almond butter to apples slices.

2. Greek yogurt with strawberries – Greek yogurt has a higher protein content than normal yogurt and contains less sugar, making it ideal for a midday snack. Plain low-fat or non-fat yogurt can be decorated with strawberries and embellished with almond slices or chia seeds.

3. Tuna salad with crackers – For a quick hit of protein mixed with some carbohydrates have a small bowl of tuna salad with low-fat crackers that are high in whole grains.

4. Pistachios – Considered the dieters nut, pistachios have a lower calorie and fat content when compared to other nuts. When bought in the shell, pistachios also take effort and time to eat which helps prevent overeating.

5. Baby carrots with hummus – A take on the Mediterranean diet, carrots dipped in hummus is a fast and easy snack that is low in calories and has enough protein to curb hunger.

6. Rice cakes with almond butter – For a quick energy boost in the middle of the day, slather a bit of almond butter on some rice cakes. The rice cakes create a sense of fullness while being low-calorie.

7. Fruit smoothie – Loaded with vitamins and minerals, fruit smoothies are the perfect snack for a hot afternoon. Add some yogurt or almond milk for protein to make it a snack that will fight hunger for several hours.

8. Guacamole with vegetables – Filled with good fats, avocados have far fewer calories than most people believe. When eaten with vegetables instead of chips, guacamole is healthy and nutritious snack.

9. Peaches and cottage cheese – Loaded with protein, nonfat cottage cheese topped with strawberries makes a delicious snack that prevents hunger for an extended period.

10. Fruit salad – Easy to prepare ahead of time and store in single serving containers, fruit salad can be made of any fruits that are in season. Popular combinations include fruits such as watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries. Add some almond slivers to add crunch and a bit of protein to the snack.

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