Diet Tips – Best Diet for Diabetics

For anyone who has diabetes, it is important to do everything you can to maintain your best health. This will help you to control the disease, and it will not have to control you. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate what is known as the diabetes diet into your lifestyle. An appropriate diet for diabetes is also referred to as medical nutrition therapy or MNT for diabetes. The diet is not a diet per se but requires you to eat only foods that are healthy and nutritious so that you can live as normal a life with diabetes.

When incorporating a proper diet for diabetes into your life, it is important to not only eat food that is healthy and that is rich in nutrients while low in calories and fat but to adhere to regular mealtimes. Snacking is not advised, although it is okay to do if you are eating the right foods. Generally speaking, there should be an emphasis on fruits, vegetables and whole grains as these are the healthiest foods you can take into your body.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, your doctor will most likely talk to you about making changes in your diet that mean you should consume a diabetes diet. You may also be referred to a dietitian so that you can receive guidance on how to go about the change and get additional advice on how to control your blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight for your height and age.

Foods to eat in the diabetes diet include those that are rich in fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and foods that are made with whole wheat flour and wheat bran. Good fats are also essential, and you can find them in foods such as olive oil, avocado, almonds and olives. Healthy carbohydrates are also important as they are essential to regulating your blood sugar. Concentrate on foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat dairy products and legumes. Fish is also something that must be included in the diabetes diet and is a healthier alternative to meats that contain high fats. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for the heart and cholesterol levels.

To get the most out of your new diet for diabetes, create a daily meal plan. Talk with your doctor or dietitian to determine the number of calories you should consume based on your weight, size and physical activity level. You should detail your three regular daily meals and snacks, which can be healthy foods like fruit, consumed two or three times per day between meals

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