Diet Tips – Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Americans are obsessed with the idea of attaining the perfect body and becoming thin. You can’t avoid seeing products, weight loss pills and new diet offers all the time on the television, radio and in magazines.  Yet, ironically, as a nation, we are constantly expanding our waistlines and obesity is becoming epidemic. 

Hypnosis for weight loss is not only a “novel” approach to losing weight, it really, really works and changes the mind set of the people who use an effective hypnosis program.  The one we’re about to talk about is one such effective program, in fact it may be the most effective self-induced hypnosis program available for weight loss today. 

An interesting approach to the weight loss dilemma is the idea of hypnosis as it relates to controlling our addiction to food.  Wendi Friesen offers freedom from addictions of many kinds and included in that is the attainment of weight loss through hypnotherapy.

The concept behind hypnosis to help you reach a goal, for example, weight loss, is to reach your

subconscious mind.  Through Wendi Friesen’s Zen of Thin hypnosis program, you can learn to alter your

eating behavior patterns and stop self sabotaging your desire to get rid of fat. 

This CD hypnosis program is my personal favorite and produces darn near miraculous reduction of

appetite as well as motivation to do healthy things regularly like drink lots of water and get your exercise


According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, the weight loss attained was signifigantly

higher for participants in a clinical trial who had undergone hypnosis as well as behavioral modification

to control their food intake.

Hypnosis is defined as a relaxed state of mind or concentration. Hypnotherapy, when used correctly, can

release blocks and fears and help us make positive changes in the way we think and our behaviors.

If you apply the definition and purpose of hypnotherapy to an individual who has tried many different diets

and has not succeeded with weight loss, it may be an approach worth adding to their efforts.

To be a good candidate for hypnosis, the individual must be a willing participant.  There are a variety of

different programs and packages available from Wendi Friesen to enhance your dietary and weight loss

efforts.  She features the Weight Release-Body Builder-Confidence Package, the Body Builder Mental

Mastery Program, the Appetite Zapper Program and the Workout Compulsion Program. 

There are many more DVD’s and packages to choose from.  One of my favorite titles was the Love

Thyself Program.  Featured on the website for Wendi Friesen was the ability of hypnotherapy to address

the core problem behind our addictions. Once we identify the issue, we can release it from our self

destructive behaviors. 

People with compulsive eating problems usually have an emotional conflict that has remained

unresolved.  Often, they seek comfort from food for an anxiety, stress or anger that constantly upsets


Hypnotherapy can help you release the past anxieties, guilt and fears that keep you from realizing your

goals in all aspects of your life.  Reasons for self sabotage in weight loss can range from fear of intimacy

to equating the comfort of food to love.

Wendi Friesen’s hypnosis programs recommend deconstructing negative thought patterns and many of

her CD’s address issues with stress,low confidence and grief or loss.  I believe that success in all areas

of life, not just matters of weight loss, comes down to attitudes towards ourselves and others.

Therefore, I feel this approach to combatting any addiction, whether it’s food, smoking or alcohol, is an

option worth using to unlock our personal potential.

One of Wendi’s programs was to hypnotize an individual to stop procrastinating. Probably, this would be

a key program to start with.  We all put off quitting our bad habits and tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow.  If you need to start losing weight, today is the day to get going.

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