Diet Tips – Low Carb Dieting

Low carb dieting has become a popular way to lose weight quickly, and has even become the preferred lifestyle for thousands of health and weight conscious people.  The question is, are low carb diets a realistic lifetime regimen, and are they really healthy?  Well, here’s the general consensus:  Hats off to low carb dieters, for they have found the lifelong key to weight maintenance, heart health  and peak physical condition.

We’ve come a long way from this extreme school of thought, with the advent and teaching of a more

healthy and balanced low carb dieting lifestyle.  This new school of thought does not preach a zero

tolerance for sugars and starches, but rather just making smarter choices in carbohydrate

consumption, and a higher protein to carbohydrate ratio, with a healthy but moderate dash of

unsaturated fat. 

This new “moderation” method of low carb dieting has proven to be a huge asset for thousands of

people suffering from obesity and excess weight.  Many have adopted the moderation philosophy into

their permanent eating habits and lifestyle with great long term success and permanent weight loss

and maintenance.

Sure, most of us low carbers will have those moments of weakness, especially around the holidays,

and overdo it on the sugars and starches, but it’s actually pretty easy to get right back in the swing of

things again.  As a matter of fact, there are also some effective supplements that actually absorb

excess carb intake and help offset any weight gain through times like this.  They are usually taken just

before or shortly after meals to help eliminate improper storage of fat as well as even out blood sugar,

which is on of the  primary reasons for weight gain through excess carb intake. 

                                           Long Term Low Carb Dieting Benefits

Benefits of adopting this lifestyle are voluminous.  Aside from the obvious weight loss and effective

weight management benefits, there are other significant advantages to this type of diet. 

Here are the top benefits:

1.)  Increased muscle tone

2.)  Mentally more focused

3.)  Less incidence of depression and anxiety

4.)  Healthy blood sugar levels = lower risk of diabetes

5.)  Healing faster and more efficiently

6.)  Get sick less often

7.)  Skin, hair and all other external organs grow healthier and more radiant

8.)  Eat less – low carb foods are more filling

Think about it.  Even if this short list of eight benefits was the only reason to adopt low carb dieting as a

lifestyle, it would be worth it, right?  There are many – maybe even hundreds more benefits to this

method of eating.  If you want to live longer, be thin for life, and be healthier, this diet is exactly what

you’ve been looking for.

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