Diet Tips – Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Weight loss is such a buzzword in today’s world of hectic lifestyles and increasing, rather than

decreasing waist sizes.  It seems in such a busy world, where we run a lot, the waist size should be

decreasing, not increasing, but alas the latter is true, and Americans are scrambling to find ways to put

the pieces back together and find their happy weight. 

Weight loss through hypnosis has become a rather hot topic lately, since so many people have reported

phenomenal results from hypnosis in other areas of their lives, such as remembering traumatic or

important events that were pushed back in the subconscious, and quitting harmful, potentially life

threatening habits such as smoking through this same power of the subconscious mind.

Why should weight loss be any different?  Isn’t there a thinner you waiting to bust out inside?  And isn’t it

true that so many of us unconsciously and unknowingly sabotage our own ideal weight ?   Here is the

hypnosis weight loss program I recommend : Get Thin Fast, Keep It Off with Your Subconscious Mind

and Unearthed Willpower by Wendi Friesen.  You have to read about it, you will be thoroughly impressed

by these client’s long term weight loss achievements by using this program. 

I can attest to the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss, hunger control, and a true desire to eat the

right foods and consume less food, on a purely subconscious, then fully conscious level.  It’s almost as

if you can’t help yourself, you have to eat certain foods, and you’re just not as hungry.  You just have to

experience it to know what I’m talking about I guess.  

Through hypnosis, you can regain the self control to not eat so much, and the deep rooted belief that you

are destined to be a thin, healthy and happy creature, not a sluggish person carrying around too  much

excess weight and prone to health issues and depression, as excess weight is known to do to people,

especially women. 

Let me tell you a little about my experience with weight loss through hypnosis.  It is a positive story, that

much I can tell you, and I would recommend hypnosis to anyone looking to improve themselves or

achieve a certain goal. 

Heck, there are even self hypnosis tapes available for people who have problems with procrastination

and other character flaws they are looking to improve with a little added help from the deep rooted

subconscious which so often sabotages our success without our awareness. 

My experience with weight loss through hypnosis is this.  The first day I listened to the CD’s, I felt about

the same, but I did notice that throughout the day I seemed to crave food less, and it also seemed that I

just didn’t think about eating as much, whereas, I’m an eater at heart, and eating food occurs to me

several times a day usually, to say the least. 

With a few more days under my belt, not only did I find I was not thinking of food as much, but I found

myself being drawn to fruits and vegetables, to drinking water more, and to just not finishing my lunches

and dinners.  I found soon that my pants began to get baggy on me, and the rest is weight loss history! 

I would totally encourage anyone who is looking to get that internal power and ambition to lose weight,

but just feels they need some help, to look into these hypnosis CD’s by renowned hypnotist Wendi

Friesen.  She really knows what she is doing, and the website is great. 

It compiles so many customer’s stories, and you truly feel as if your money is being well spent on your

health and self improvement, not just like you are buying another diet pill or system that may or may not

work.  I truly believe hypnosis also has a lasting effect on the mind. 

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