Diet Tips – What to Do When You’ve Over Indulged

If you really feel the need to over do it, you may want to try a good carb blocking supplement or

fat burner that helps to burn off excessive caloric intake during these times.  This trick may be

especially helpful around the holidays when there seem to be carbs and fats lurking around every

corner and the temptation to indulge is overwhelming.  Another good trick to making the most out of

your meals, and assuring your brain registers fullness with less food is to eat slowly, and chew your

food 35-50 times before swallowing.  This is a surefire way, even on its own, to reduce calorie intake

and induces feelings of fullness faster. 

Body For Life is also another highly reviewed and acclaimed diet regimen,

which makes for a high quality and successful lifetime diet.  I actually have

friends that have seen great LONG TERM success with this system. 

They have made comments that they are never hungry and do not feel deprived.  

The other cool thing about this diet is that it gives you a “day off” every week, which definitely makes

cutting back during the week all the more easy.  It also gives you something to look forward to, a

reward if you will.

The bottom line with any diet that you choose is that moderation is the key to long term success on

any diet, whether you follow a prescribed regimen or you just eat consciously, and that is what the

three diets discussed promote, in one way or another.  Moderation, common sense and smart food

and dietary supplement selection will make a long life full of health, energy and weight management


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