Diet Tips – Weight loss management low carb diet

There are countless diets available if you wish to lose weight and manage your weight, but one of the most popular diets available is the Weight loss management Low carb diet. Low carb diets mainly restrict the intake of carbohydrate rich foods like bread and pasta and substitutes them with foods higher in protein like pulses, soy products, fruits and vegetables.

So now that you have decided to start on the low carb diet remember a few tips that will go a long way in losing those extra inches:

1) Understand what Low Carb means: read up on the foods that are allowed in a low carb diet.

2) Plan your meals: Make sure you plan your meal for the week, this way you wont reach the 3rd day and get bored and give up. Do not stave yourself; just find correct low carb substitutes. For example instead of feasting on white bread, choose flax seed bread, soy bread and other healthy alternatives indeed.

3) Start slow: Do not drastically cut off everything from your diet, this will only make you crave for it. Make one or two changes at a time so you can stick to your diet for a longer period of time.

Remember dieting is all about will power so get a support system that will help you stick to your diet. Once you start dropping those pounds you will feel motivated to lose more weight. Till then just concentrate on your Weight loss management low carb diet and weight loss agenda and watch those love handles melt away!

Heart healthy diet and cholesterol

You are aching to grab that double cheeseburger right under your nose but something makes you stop, – maybe it’s the fact that even one bite will clog your arteries and give you a premature heart attack! Exaggeration aside, many people are becoming more and more conscious about their food intake and that includes a heart healthy diet and cholesterol control to improve you health.

There are some heart healthy foods that help you remain fit:

1) Blueberries: they are known to have anthocyanins, an antioxidant that helps fight cancer and other heart causing diseases.

2) Walnuts: are packed with heart healthy omega- 3 fatty acids that help keep your heart young and fit.

3) Soy: is a high quality protein that has fiber, vitamins and essential minerals all indispensible for a healthy heart.

4) Oatmeal: contains that all-important roughage needed to keep your system clean. In addition to that is contains cholesterol-lowering fibers, which help keep your heart in good condition.

5) Olive Oil: is low in cholesterol and is a good alternative to other oils which are high in fat.

In addition to these all-important ingredients remember to exercise regularly. Even walking every day for 30 minutes can help keep your heart happy and safe, but if you combine a heart healthy diet and cholesterol control with regular exercise you will remain cholesterol free and in good physical shape for many years to come.

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