Diet Tips – Keeping Healthy Whilst Losing Weight

For today’s busy woman looking for tips to lose weight, there are a number of small changes in eating habits that can easily help on the way to that ideal body shape and tone. It’s important while following a weight loss programme to ensure that your body is still getting the right balance of foods it needs to keep it healthy and happy. Sometimes getting this balance right can be difficult to achieve, especially if quick results are desired. That doesn’t mean that we should take short-cuts though, as ultimately this can be worse for us.

keeping healthy while losing weight Keeping Healthy Whilst Losing WeightBreakfast is vital and is something that often goes overlooked. Higher fibre options, for example bran flakes, will also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Giving your body the nutrients it needs first thing is a good kick start to the day and will give you the energy you need to get through the morning with vitality. Skipping breakfast increases the likelihood of craving high calorie ‘pick-me-up’ snacks that can sabotage your dietary goals.

One way to ensure that less food does not have to mean less essential nutrients is to incorporate specially formulated weight loss foods and supplements into the weight loss plan. These foods generally come in many forms that can easily be integrated into a busy lifestyle. Weight loss companies stock everything from chocolate delight flavour protein shakes to caramel crunch flavoured meal replacement bars and nutrient balanced weight loss capsules. These can be easily and conveniently combined with a balanced diet and exercise to complete a healthy weight loss and fitness programme which also satisfies the sweet tooth fairy! Be patient with yourself and your body. This is essential when losing weight. You don’t want to lose the weight too quickly; it should be a gradual change to ensure that you still stay healthy and have a healthy diet. Many people cut out carbs completely, but sometimes just adjusting the portion size of each section of your meal can help to ensure that you still get the essential nutrients that your body needs.

Drink lots of fluids. Sometimes what the body actually needs is water, rather than food, so keeping hydrated throughout the day is also helpful. Always keep a bottle of water or fruit juice with you and take frequent sips throughout the day. This is especially true if you work in an office or indoor environment, as air conditioning can be particularly dehydrating.

Set realistic weight loss and timing goals as these are fundamental to maintaining motivation along the way. The female body is a very complex system, naturally subject to the hormonal fluctuations of adulthood, motherhood and menopause. It is worth remembering that these too can have an effect on how quickly or slowly weight is healthily lost.

Actively asking for the support of your friends, family or a weight loss buddy can also support you with your resolve. They will want to encourage you in what makes you happy and will be sure to notice the results of your efforts. If you have an ‘off’ day, be kind to yourself.

Combining the above tips with a balanced diet and exercise programme, your energy levels between meals will be more even and consistent. This means reduced cravings for sugary foods and more control of your eating patterns. Every day that you stay on track is a day closer to your ideal weight and fitness. Just keep going at it, starting again from where you left off. Enjoy the process and remember that many have succeeded before you. The more you believe you too can do it, the more likely you are to make it happen.

Helen Battersley is a freelance health writer who produces articles for a number of different brands such as Maxitone. Maxitone weight loss products are developed by Maxinutrition, Europe’s leading sports nutrition supplier.

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