Rotator Cuff Exercises to Stop Shoulder Pain from Bench Press

Here are 3 rotator cuff exercises to stop shoulder pain from bench press or whatever is causing your injury. For more videos on exercise and nutrition to help you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time go to my blog

Many bodybuilders damage their rotator cuff muscles by bench pressing too heavy of a weight for too many years. These physical therapy techniques will help you rehab your shoulder quickly taking pain out of your shoulder.

Perform each of these Exercises twice; alternating them before each upper body ( chest and back ) workout.

#1 LaCrosse Ball Deep Tissue Massage

Slowly roll the la crosse ball on the imaginary cross on the side of your shoulder. When you find the spots that hurt ( that is scar tissue, trigger point or an adhesion ) stay on that spot applying more pressure for 10 seconds. Apply as much pressure as you can take the pain. Knead into each spot 2-3 times.

#2 Scare Crow in the Garden dumbbell rotation

Perform 15 slow repetitions for 2 sets making sure to keep the upper arm parallel to the floor to the best of your ability. Looking in the mirror will help you keep the elbow up toward the ceiling.

#3 Elbow pinned to side resistance band external rotation

Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions with a slow rep speed of 3 second positive and negative.

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